This plan has been prepared from field survey and existing records for our client to design new structures on this site and should not be used for any other purpose or by any other user without written approval from Axis Surveys.

The boundary dimensions shown are from the subject survey plan and have been orientated to the site features as a “best fit” to survey marks, fence lines, retaining walls and other structures and are indicative only and should not be relied upon as the true boundaries. The location of survey marks, as found have not been checked. Please contact this office for more advice in relation to orientating this plan to the boundaries. Any construction setout may require a boundary identification survey be done, at additional cost, prior to commencing any works on site, please contact this office for more information.

Where the survey plan is not available the dimensions shown may have been compiled from a “Disclosure Plan” where the boundary dimensions are approximate only and may be subject to change with the registration of the final survey plan creating the new lots.

Axis Surveys has not searched the title for easements or other encumbrances, if shown they may have been scaled off the subject survey plan and could have limited accuracy. Please contact this office for more information or to check for current easements or encumbrances.

Where levels and contours are related to the Australian Height Datum (AHD), they may of been derived from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) observations which may be unsuitable in some applications , please contact this office for more information. Axis Surveys has not carried out a flood search and the local council or relevant authority should be contacted for flood and minimum floor level requirements, prior to any construction. The contours shown may not represent the local authority’s definition of “ground level”. Please contact this office for more advice.

The services shown have been located where possible. Services can be missed as part of the field process or may be overgrown or covered. If not located services have been plotted from records obtained from relevant authorities which may have varied and limited accuracy. Please contact this office for more information. Any relevant underground services should be exposed and located prior to commencing any building works.

The north point as shown has been taken from the subject survey plan and it is the plan user’s responsibility to ensure it is suitable for their purposes.

If the plan user requires clarification or more information about any aspect of this contour / detail survey plan please contact this office.